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Mod base of OACL2010
supergrismDate: Tuesday, 2010-05-04, 11:58 AM | Message # 1
Group: Administrators
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Hello all,

I think all of you are aware of the recent problems we had with servers, mainly lag of some players. This was because the CPMA netcode is NOT fully delagged, so instant hitscan weapons were delagged as any other weapons, up to 100 ms with the auto adaptive lag hack (lagHax). We think that not only this change the gameplay of OA, but this is unfair as well, as the community always welcomed the full delag, and they are right.

To circumvent CPMA problems, a major turnaround was done, and almost all the config was rewritten to support ExcessivePlus (, the new mod that will be used for this League (with some modifications).

Excessive Plus :
* is extremely configurable
* has almost all CPMA features
* is more clean (all new vars are prepended by "xp_")
* has multiview recording (replaces server-side recording)
* has a version for OA and will be developped in the future taking OA into consideration.
* has a cool developper crew and active community (CPMA is almost dead seriously, even the forum skin is broken)
* has _full_ delag for _all_ weapons (hitscan AND projectiles) = best netcode Ive seen so far (more infos here)
* global frames (smoother gameplay)
* has configurable gameplay, gamemodes and gamephysics
* has configurable HUD and support CPMA hud config files (will be available in v2.1, current is v2.0a)
* has support for match commands like /ref /lock /timeout etc...
* GTV works good on it and has multiview
* A native OpenArena version is developped by the lead team.

There are many other reasons why we have chosen XP (Excessive Plus), all in all it's just the best compromise we've seen yet and fulfill almost all our requests (Im talking to dev to see for missing features, mainly for GTV).

For more infos, the official Excessive Plus for OpenArena website (thank's MIOW !):

If you are not already convinced, try to play a EU vs US match in those servers, EU and US servers are now both open. You will see, the result is pretty much impressive.

Any server can be used for any gamemode, just "/callvote conf" to see the list.

I wish you all to have great fun playing this League,


supergrismDate: Tuesday, 2010-05-11, 7:11 PM | Message # 16
Group: Administrators
Messages: 165
Reputation: 5
Thank you very much WaspKiller for those tips, your experience is very valuable wink

I will add them to the referees information thread !

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