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Forum » Informations Section » Servers Informations » OpenArena League Servers Config and Tools Public release (Here is the sources of our league servers)
OpenArena League Servers Config and Tools Public release
supergrismDate: Saturday, 2010-08-21, 9:00 PM | Message # 1
Group: Administrators
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Hello all,

Here is the so long awaited public release of the configurations and tools used for our League servers.

This project all started for me in March 2010. We are at the end of August. 6 long months of work, where Ive spent most of my days tweaking, fixing, thinking, hacking and slashing into thousands and thousands of lines in the limbo of virtual code.

We came a long way until this day finally come, so I hope that it will be of any use for anyone.

I would like to particularly thank all the people who supported me, particularly Heap, Angelica, Ghosty, Beast, Killer, Sago007, Leilol, Udi, Falkland and so many others, please forgive me if I forgot your name here (look in the readme, you may be in wink ).

All the files are released under the LGPL v3 opensource license, except for the things that I didn't make (such as mods and gtv). All the rest is up to you : you can do whatever you want with it.

Non-exhaustive list of changes Ive made for this last release :
- Updated ExcessivePlus mod : 2.0a -> 2.1
- OACL is now fully compatible with official ExcessivePlus servers.
- OACL modifications are now in a separate package (so it is adaptable to any version of ExcessivePlus and even with other mods).
- Players now gets their usual nickname at first connection (no more renaming to ExcessivePlayer).
- Server advices (with E+ crontab feature).
- GTV is now fully automatic.
- 2 GTV servers for 2 GTV modes : one with multiview (the usual way to spectate), the other with ExcessivePlus TV Mode (mimics the tournament's freefly cameramen).
- Custom HUD support (compatible with superhudeditor, but syntax is different so results may differ, and E+ huds have more possibilities).
You can find the full list in the menu SELECT HUD.
List of provided HUDs :
ehud1 to ehud7
oa (with weapon switch bar always drawn)
- Always draw weapon switch bar via custom HUD.
- Added some custom radio sounds (try "/say &ownage.wav ^2OWNAGE!" or "/say &demonlaugh.wav ^1Mwa^0Ha^1Ha^0Ha^1Ha..." or "/say &womanlaugh.wav ^5Ha^6Ha^5Ha^6Ha...").
- Automatic anti-camp system (please feedback asap on this one, your complaints won't be listened to the day of the match ! Please test before !).
This feature can be controversial, but it should avoid/limit railcamping, flagcamping and basecamping while still giving the opportunity to defend normally.
Another thing is that it should decrease the number of complaints a lot since campers will be automatically flagged and killed if they camp too long.
Please test it without any prior cliché, and help me tweak it to enhance our overall gaming experience.
Note : anti-camp system is activated for the 3 CTF gametypes, but is disabled for Elimination.
- Elimination maplist has been updated (thank's to MIOW, [name I forgot, please remind me MIOW] and Angelica).
- Elimination mode has been reworked, now it is really working as it should be (round warmup timer = 15 and respawn timer = 7 so it gives players a break of exactly 8 seconds between each round).
- Maps rotation restaured.
- Fixed physics with pmove_fixed 1 (and there is no powerups time bug - regeneration heals each seconds as it should).

Here is a megapack regrouping everything except the mappack :

Open Arena Server PowerPack v1.1.2
This pack regroup all the tools : oamps, gtv, oacl2010 general config, etc...

If you want to organize a league, or just setup rock-solid highly functionnal Open Arena game servers with minimal configuration, here is your deal :
Download :
Mirror :

OACL2010 Full Map Pack (2010-07-24)


Here are the different parts contained in the OpenArena Admin Power Pack :

OpenArena Multi-Purpose Server Launcher for Linux
An all-purpose script that will take care automatically of the maintenance of your server, for you, and will add many advanced functionnalities.
Here is an excerpt from the readme :

  .it helps you construct perfect commandlines

           .ease the manual maintenance by bringing down the level of complexity of your bash file (yes you can bash this script, and even output to a file !)

           .you can directly manage everything with this script (no need for manual line coding)

           .adds advanced functionnalities unavailable otherwise, like batching some automatic /rcon say commands.

           .can automatically add itself to a cronjob

           .detects server crashs and can act automatically

           .notify you of everything that happens (at screen or in a log)

           .2 modes for launching servers : in a background process, or in a screen. All functionnalities are available for both of these modes

           .logs rotation

           .gtv management

           .gtv connection with master listing server (shows your gtv server in the in-game servers browser)

           .gtv auto room renaming

And so many others, just type "sh --help" to get a full list of the features and some examples.

To summary : if you find a tool to automatically manage and maintain your servers, cleaning and restarting them everyday, watching over crash and such stuffs, then you've come over the right tool : OAMPS.SH !

Download :

OpenArena Clan League 2010 General Config

All the config files used for the OpenArena Clan League 2010. They are optimized, commented and organized. Works with OA v0.8.1, OA v.0.8.5, CPMA v1.47 and ExcessivePlus v2.1

"Why having a so much complicated config ?", would you think. Because this is the most complete, secure, commented and automated config : you can change the gametype on the fly, it works with 4 different mods and you it's flexible, scalable, modular : you can add or remove any part to add or remove functionnalities.

It is also very easy to configure and update : usually, you end up with the same cvars to setup again and again and again, and if you edit one config, you have to edit all.
Here, you've got 1 file to edit (oacl-edit-me.cfg), with about 10 cvars to edit (or you can edit none to test, those cvars are mainly descriptive, ie : the name of your server, of the admin, etc...), and all the rest in several config files that are shared for all your servers. This saves you a lot of time in maintenance, and when adding new server (just copy oacl-edit-me.cfg, change some cvars inside, and here you've got a brand new server !).

The mods were heavily customized (particularly CPMA). Feel free to unpack the .pk3 to inspire yourself.

The main mod used for the league is ExcessivePlus v2.1, this is the one that provide all the ahead-of-time technologies : full delag for projectiles and all weapons, smooth frames, anti-camp, referee and match system (with /lock teams and /timeout), custom HUDs, multiview GTV and demos, etc...

For a more exhaustive list (but not quite exhaustive enough XD), take a look in here :

A wide documentation is joined inside this archive too, with a draft of a tutorial on how to make customized mods and how to hack them.

Download :
Mirror :

And here is a guide we have made for OACL2010 referees to manage matchs, upload demos and spot cheaters, you can use it as a reference :
PDF version :
HTML version :

CPMA v1.47 No Map Check For Q3 and OA
This is a customized and hacked version of CPMA v1.47, with the cpma map check cracked (you don't need cpma map pack to play it, and if you make a server, the client won't be required to download any cpma map).
This is not the only change : this version is optimized and more compatible with OpenArena : CTF sounds are restored, models aren't the buggy ones from Q3, HUD is OA-like and many other things.

Here is a quick non-exhaustive changelog :
- Mappack check removed (you don't need them anymore).
- Default to OA TA sounds.
- Fixed capture sound swap (you capture = sad guitar, opponent capture = rock sound).
- OA icons for weapons, ammos and items.
- Default to OA HUD (type /ch_file cpmadefaulthud and /reloadHUD to get the original default CPMA hud).
- No more buggy bots and model (disconnection at client connection bug), all were replaced by sarge.

Download CPMA no mapcheck for Q3 (no OA customization, only check mappack crack):

Download CPMA no mapcheck for OA (customized and adapted to OA):

GamersTV - GTV for OA
I here offer you one of my hardest work of all the things I did : a GTV for OA. And forever.
Yes, you hear it well : it will always be compatible with all versions of OA (as long as the network code doesn't change). Instructions are provided inside so you can change the protocol of GTV. It's a small hex edit that can't be overlooked nor automated

Plus, multiview is supported, both with CPMA and ExcessivePlus, and you can look at the binaries to see how you can change the way GTV behave (you can even make it join a game XD).

And with OAMPS (OpenArena Multi Purpose Server Launcher for Linux), you can even automate it completely, included the connection to other servers and renaming the rooms !

You dreamed it, we did it ! GTV for OpenArena is finally possible !

Download :

Note : anyway, some bugs can't be fixed due to the very nature of GTV and its closed source. If someone would like to make an opensource version, he would be a genius. With all the time Ive spent hacking GTV, I could have made one myself, but I didn't know it would be such an hassle...

QVM Disas v0.3
For my hardcore customization needs, I had to use a qvm disassembler (QVM = Quake Virtual Machine : this is where the core code of the mods reside).

The problem is that none worked : they all had flaws, and too old. I reworked one, from v0.1 to v0.3. Here it is. It should work with any q3a based game.

Note : this is the tool I used to crack the map check of CPMA, along with the marvelous OllyDBG debugger.

Big up to MacPunk, the original author of QVMDisas.

Download :

Match Events Calendar - Calendarix

Our match events calendar - don't overlook at it, I can tell you that it was HARD to find a good mini match events calendar, and this one is a customized version Ive made.

Download :

OACL2010 Match Demos Uploader And Browser
This is a little ajax+swf script that permits referees to login securely, send several files at once and select the category. The files then becomes instantly available in the file browser based on a customized version of FileNice.
This is secure as they can't modify any file, just upload. No script file (php cgi others...) can be uploaded and executed.

Download :

Files Browser
Our files browser is based on FileNice

Files Manager
Our file manager is based on Ajaxplorer


If you want to see an example of a system implementing most of these tools, see the new supeR,Servers with provided schema and opensourced configurations :
DarkalDate: Monday, 2010-08-23, 12:32 PM | Message # 2
Group: Administrators
Messages: 1261
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Thank you for this monster job, as I said, you are the god wink
Forum » Informations Section » Servers Informations » OpenArena League Servers Config and Tools Public release (Here is the sources of our league servers)
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